Cash Management Solutions

If efficiency’s a problem, then we have a solution.

Manage paperwork electronically, pay your employees quickly and securely, even deposit checks without leaving the office. Take advantage of these financial management tools that will make running your business’ finances more efficient. Innovative cash management tools — that’s business banking made simple.

Business Online Banking

Your time is valuable. Make sure it’s well-spent with easy, secure, anytime access to your business accounts — transfer funds, pay bills, and more.

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Cash Management Online

Enjoy complete control of your company’s finances anytime, anywhere you can get online. Place stop payments, enroll in e-Statements, and more.

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ACH Origination

Eliminate check handling, manual payment processing, and postage expense with one simple solution. Pay your company’s costs with ACH services.

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EDI Reporting

Increase everyday efficiencies by reducing paper clutter. Easily receive and retrieve invoices, purchase orders, and more electronically.

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Positive Pay

Add an extra layer of financial protection with this simple service. We’ll work with you to identify and stop fraud — so your budget remains intact.

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Remote Deposit Capture

Accelerate positive cash flow while reducing your risk for fraud. Deposit checks into your St. Martin business account — without leaving your office.

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Merchant Card Services

Make it easier for customers to pay — and for you to collect. Give your company the ability to accept major credit and debit cards.

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Merchant Translink Services

Manage customer transactions without ever setting foot in the store. Access payment processing data with this easy-to-use online service.

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Sweep Accounts

Make the most of excess capital — without disrupting daily operations. Sweep funds among accounts to earn extra interest and ensure costs are covered.

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Account Analysis

Gain valuable financial insights without taking time away from your day-to-day. Make even more of your money with an earnings credit* to offset fees.

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