EDI Reporting

With St. Martin Bank’s EDI Reporting service, you can cut through the clutter of paper based payment processing with faster reporting of ACH and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).* EDI data attached to your ACH payments will be translated into easy-to-read reports or a Payment Data File, and sent to you via a secure e-mail.

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  • Receive same-day notifications of incoming ACH transactions.
    • Fraud protection is increased since ACH payment details are often available even before the transaction is posted to your account
  • EDI Reports provide more descriptive information than either an account statement or through Online Banking
  • Import the Payment Data File into your accounting software for immediate payment posting. (Payment Data File is optional.)
    • Minimize record-keeping errors
    • Reduce administrative costs
  • Reports can be securely delivered to multiple e-mail addresses
  • If you’ve enrolled in ACH Origination services, your Return Items and Notice of Change reporting will be delivered through EDI Reporting

*Cash management services may be subject to fees.