Money Management Tools

Start a new vacation savings plan, learn how to reduce debt, and more — take advantage of St. Martin Bank’s Money Management Tools. Get access to resources to help you adopt better money management skills.

Better Money Management

Avoid money management missteps — get information on how you can better manage your finances. Read Seven Easy Steps to Better Money Management and start setting up good habits today.

Debt Reduction Strategies

School loans, credit card payments, home mortgage loans — don’t let debt get in the way of enjoying life. Learn seven debt strategies that will help you pay down and optimize your debt.

Saving Money Strategies

From emergency funds to family vacations, reaching your savings goals requires a well-established plan. Learn to make small daily choices to optimize your savings plans. Start saving for your next big step in life today.

Money Management Reference Guide

Our financial management experts have put together this guide to help you on your journey to adopting successful money management skills. Get the names of helpful books, websites, and other resources.

Budget Planner

Need help budgeting? Download our Personal Budget Planner pdf to help you plan for future expenditures. Log bills, mortgage payments, and other monthly expenses — all in one place.

Checkbook Balancing

Balancing your checkbook can seem overwhelming and frustrating, especially if it’s your first time. Here are Eight Simple Steps for Balancing your Checkbook to make the process easier and more efficient.